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No matter how many purchases you have made in the past, property purchases tend to cause a lot of stress. Your time will be consumed by not only the decision-making, but also the paperwork and dealing with a lot of information to get through. It is always a stressful process regardless of it being your first time or not.

Mortgage Brokers Frankston is equipped with the skills, experience, and the understanding of how the loan process works and we do our best to make your experience of purchasing property, a very smooth process. The work that we will do for you will be one that is based on our profound knowledge of the markets, all of which are free of charge. We always ensure that we put all our attention in finding the deals that will best suit your long-term financial plans and goals. Our goal is not only to assist you in finding which deals is the best for your loan, we will also guide your through the whole process of managing your property and lessen the burden that you have to shoulder.

Not only are we going to provide the best financial solutions with choices from different creditors and loan packages, we also commit ourselves to you:

  • To teach you about the process for buying a property and the best places to look in to
  • Help in negotiating on the chosen property
  • Loan structuring
  • To help you understand all the terms/conditions involved with the contracts
  • Repayment strategy
  • Understanding all the costs and taxes involved
  • Expedited pre-approval process
  • … and more!

We have the skills, knowledge and experience to help make the entire loan process as smooth as possible. We’re efficient in the way we work, and make the entire process seamless and quick. We guide and teach you about the process at every step and ensure that you’re taken care of, while taking away any burden or stress.

Looking to refinance?

Refinancing your home loan may sound like a time consuming process that is stressful and a hassle. However, with us – you won’t need to worry. We take care of the entire process end to end, which means that all the paper work, and communication with the banks are taken care of. 

We’ll only make sure to proceed with a refinancing, if you are only in a better-off position, when compared with your current loan package. 

Refinancing home loans are made easy with Mortgage Broker Frankston. We’ll wholeheartedly take care of all aspects of the process, which means more time back to you.

Our process will involve securing the best deals available at the current time in the market, and only if this will help you be placed in a better financial position. We don’t just look at a lower interest rate, but also looking at the long term prospect of the bank’s serviceability for you. That means your ability to secure more debt if you plan to purchase additional property. 

These are all important factors to consider when looking at the service offerings of different banks for completeness.

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