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Sourcing out the best loan package possible to help in your investment plans should be your priority if you want to look into a business or commercial loan that will help you in either in raising funds or setting up a business.

We have a team that has years of experience in their hands in terms of assisting clients that are looking into commercial or business loans. With our help, clients can achieve either their immediate or long-term plans for loan funding. We are confident that we are equipped with the knowledge on how we can help you and provide you strategies that are patterned to your needs.

A few reasons why you may obtain a commercial loan are:

  • Purchasing a franchise;
  • Acquisitions of businesses/companies;
  • Purchase of long-term assets & inventory;
  • Commercial real estate;
  • Property development; and
  • Upscaling infrastructure.

You must also understand the significance of understanding how commercial loans are beneficial for your strategy, and to distinguish different types of commercial loans that are available in the market.

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Types of Commercial Loans

Term loan

Term loans are a type of commercial loan that can be amortised over a fixed number of years making it suitable for business owners or potential business owners. It can help to either start-up or expand your business for further development, for capital purchases, or for developing of the commercial property. A term loan may have a variable or fixed interest rate with different types of repayment options.

Commercial bill

A commercial bill is the perfect finance offering if you are looking for one that is flexible with interest rates that reflect the current status of the market. It is an ideal lending facility for both short and long-term financial requirements, including the effective management of cash flow. Commercial bills have the ability to provide payments only upon its maturity, all while protecting your interest rate.


Having a commercial overdraft set-up will allow you to utilise a credit limit facility which will no longer require regular payments from you, but to also help you manage any changes your cash flow. It is always available, if the limit set by your facility for the overdraft amount is not exceeded, where it can either be secured by a mortgage/ and or other securities, or unsecured.

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