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Mortgage Brokers Frankston are proudly an authorised credit representative and are fully licensed to provide mortgage advice. You can be comfortable that you’ll receive high quality and efficient service, as well as complete customer service. We ensure that you are highly looked after.

We will always ensure that you are provided with the best loan packages so that you are enabled to be in a position to take advantage of highly competitive rates in the market. We do all of this work for you, so that you can sit back and relax.

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We offer nothing but the best deals for our client’s benefits. And all of this is completely for free! This is because the bank of your own choosing, pays for our commission. Each bank or lender pays the same rate to ensure that all clients are treated equally, which is why we keep nothing but your best interests at heart. Mortgage Brokers Frankston will be assisting you in finding the best loan solutions along with the most competitive interest rates to provided added value for you. We will act on your behalf, negotiating discounted rates through our own channels.

If you're looking for a committed team provides authenticity and transparency in what we do, look no further.

In our journey, we’re absolutely committed to making your financial dreams come true. We have a dedicated team who work round the clock to make sure that everything is taken care for you, in quick fashion. We don’t want you to have to worry about anything, so that you can trust us to get the job done.

Why Us?

We take it as part of our responsibility to make sure that you are well-cared for with our premium services. This includes access to all loan options currently available in the market, and up-to-date strategic plans which are suitable to your financial needs. The loan options that we will offer you are nothing but the most competitive. Further, as we know that with the ever-changing market comes newer and better solutions. Mortgage Brokers Frankston as your mortgage broker will present to you these solutions and provide the best options that you can use to your own advantage.

We take pride in making every transaction open and transparent especially in choosing the right loan for you. Each client will receive the kind of service that is tailored to fit their needs and with you one on one. We are always responsive, where you can always reach out to us at any time of the day. You are our priority and we will make sure that we can be there with you to address any of your worries, to answer whatever questions you may have and cater to your needs.

We at Mortgage Brokers Frankston do not just see you as our clients, here we are one big family. We will make sure that our relationship not strictly about your transactions, but one that is long-lasting.

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You don't need to search for "Who is the best mortgage broker near me" anymore.

We are an honest, reliable and experienced group of professionals that you can trust with your financial needs. Our goal is to be your go-to place with everything that has to do with home loans and other financial services. You can surely trust us to look after everything for you. We will always have your back – to support you and to help you achieve your long-term goals. You can have everything that you want at the palm at your hand, without having to lose anything.

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Refinance your home loan

Refinancing your home loan is an excellent way to take advantage of lower interest rates, which can help save quite a lot from your interest repayments. However, it’s important to first consider if there are any benefits to you.

If you’ve been thinking of changing up your home loan, we’ll make sure to provide a health check of your current loan package with your lender to ensure what you are getting is reflective of the current market.

Reasons to REFINANCE

Refinancing with Mortgage Brokers Frankston is a very straightforward process. We’re able to get your application moving quickly through our channels, where we’ll be able to ensure that everything is handled smoothly and efficiently.

If our health check of your current loan package shows that you would be better of to refinance your loan, you’ll be able to access our channels and therefore be provided with highly competitive rates through our negotiated deals with lenders.

We’ll help you to utilise existing equity if you require access to additional cash flow, such as for a deposit, or construction and renovation costs. This will save you from having to use your own savings to fund these outgoings.

By consolidating your debt, this allows you to save plenty of time as everything is kept in one place. This is especially helpful for dealing with any existing credit card of personal debt, where this can be consolidated with your housing mortgage to simplify any short term financial liabilities.

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Allow us to know more about you, and to really understand about your current financial status for us to know how we can be of service to you. We will, first, interview you so we can assess your current financial standing and help you find the best plan for the achievement of your financial goals. We deal with the need of each client differently for each solution that we offer is based on your own needs.

We equip our clients with information about how the process works , the present market situation, as well as to provide a financial health check to identify just how much you can borrow. However, we want to give you knowledge can also be used in the long run. That is why we take it upon ourselves not only to inform but also to educate. You will learn about the different types of loans available and the types of financial strategies involved to utilise them, such as the differentiation between ‘interest only’ and ‘principal and interest’ loans. You need to be equipped with the fundamental knowledge to help your journey in the long term.

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2. The process - arranging a pre-approved loan

Understanding your current financial status, your long-term goals, and your plans is a way for us to create the kind of strategy that is best for you. When you are looking at making an investment purchase, one of the best plans for you is to arrange for a pre-approved loan. A pre-approved loan will help you sort out your priorities and will enable you to make an offer for any of the property that you are interested in, to buy. The process for pre-approval of a loan is fairly simple and it will give you the chance to check on other options available without wasting your time.

Mortgage Brokers Frankston will also provide you with a summary of information that you will need to know such as the interest rates, the monthly repayment cost and what other possible options you might have. As what we have already explained, we take pleasure in educating our clients with the basic concepts that they need to know in terms of loans and other financial services.

Your long-term goal will set the pace and roadmap for you. We will discuss with you the different advantages and disadvantages of the different loan products and the banks you should partner with. An example of this would be if you were looking at investing in properties and aiming to scale your portfolio; as well as discussing with you additional information such as the likelihood of a certain bank in increasing your borrowing capacity down the track if you are looking to scale up.

Oftentimes, people only look at banks providing the lowest interest rates as their basis for choosing a loan product and it is often a huge mistake on their part. Clients should also consider the lending capacity of these banks and lenders in the long run because there are banks who will hesitate to let you borrow more. There are several factors to be considered, so you should not limit yourself to options that can only offer a solution to one factor and not to others.

3. We Get your Loan Approved While You Relax.

Getting your approval will be our go-signal, having provided with the needed documents we will then coordinate with the bank. Finalizing the settlement will take about 1-2 weeks, and for the duration of the process we will be providing you with live updates.

Once you receive settlement of the loan, our work doesn’t end. Every year we will review your loan and make sure that what you are receiving is the best loan package that is available in the market that suits your requirements. We will continue to look after you and help you address whatever issues or questions you may have.

We will make sure that you have the upper hand in any situation pertaining to your finances. That is why Mortgage Brokers Frankston compares the rate of your current lender to that of the others so that we can negotiate with the former on your behalf to ensure that you are given a lower rate for your loan package. In the event that we are unable to do so, we will seek for a different institution to refinance your loan.

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frankston home loan

Home loans

Our team at Mortgage Brokers Frankston are experts in educating and guiding our clients to find the best home loan package that is suitable for their needs. Purchasing a property is not a walk in the park. The process may be stressful and we are fully aware of the consequences that it entails. You are not only dealing with a single transaction, you also have to choose the right location, which financing options will best suit you, and filling out the paperwork, which is a time consuming process.

Your first-time experience will surely be overwhelming for you, especially when you do it all on your own. However, with us you can rest and be assured that finding the home loan that is right for you will not be as unnerving as you think it should be. We will begin with the assessment of your current financial status as well as your financial goals to understand your situation and provide you with the value package that will meet your needs. We provide you the guidance needed to obtain the pre-approval of your loan. A pre-approval will then give you the ability to enter into contract negotiations for the property that you want to purchase. What’s more, we are here help you complete the entire application process, and provide constant updated until the very end.

Not only do we offer assistance to get the pre-approval of your loan, as first timers we can also help in facilitating your application for your First Homeowner Grant.

Investment loans

Looking for an Investment Property Loan will never be a hassle for you because we always know the best deals that are currently being offered in the market, at any given time. Together we will discuss your preferences, be it a loan that is interest only, or both a principal and interest loan. We will strategise to reduce the impact of paying lender’s mortgage insurance for your chosen investment plan (if you want to deposit less than the minimum amount), and thus improving your expected returns.

We will work with you continuously, helping you review your property portfolio and make sure that the deals offered to you are nothing but the best ones available. There is no need for you to talk to the bank, as we will also negotiate with them on your behalf. We will be there with you when you need our help in identifying the most competitive products and find the best value for money loan products from a selection of creditors that are available at your disposal. No need for you to panic whenever you have deadline to meet, because we will be there to help and guide you even with your property valuations and settlement dates.

We hope that there is no need to remind you that all of this is done without costing you anything!

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Renovation loans

Renovating your home is not cheap, what’s more is that if you are renovating one that needs several changes in the core structure, it might be requiring you to invest more. You can always find help funding these activities, there are options available for you to choose.

You can consider these options to make sure that you have enough cash on hand for all your financial commitments.

You can always choose to pay them off using your own money, but you have to know that there are other options to choose from. Ones that will surely take a bit of the load off your shoulder and avoid making too much dent on your savings account.

Construction loans

No matter how exciting it is to think that you are building your own home or investing in properties; the thought of managing and building and construction costs, as well as other expenses can surely cause stress. It is an entirely complex and expensive process. This is where you should consider construction loan as part of the equation, no matter how difficult it may be to secure one.

A construction loan, when properly utilised, has flexible offers that comes with special construction conditions. You can choose between loans that is either in instalments or through progressive drawdowns – payments that are made in chunks. These choices give the chance to receive payments at different stages of your on-going construction project, where the reason for this is because you will not need all of the cash in a single phase of your project.

The amount that you will be receiving will be drawn from a loan amount that has been pre-determined by the financial institution. An advantage on your part is the payment is only of the interest with respect to the amount that you have drawn from the loan facility.

house under construction
building construction

Commercial loans

There are several lenders and financial institutions that fund commercial finances. Commercial financing allows you to have the working capital if you want to venture into capital funding. 

Our Finance Brokers team at Mortgage Brokers Frankston is more than capable of assisting you choose the right type of capital funding that will best meet your needs. Our Mortgage Brokers Frankston team will find the best value debt to help fund your next business regardless of the duration.

Car loans

We know that your happiness is at the top of the list; and if that happiness means being able to purchase you dream car then, we, at Mortgage Brokers Frankston will come to your aid to help you source the best value car loan. A car loan that will surely lessen the total amount needed to be paid in cash, and for you to plan out your future expenses.

Mortgage Brokers Frankston will help you in finding the right creditor, the perfect loan package, and the best plan to meet your need. And before you know it you are already behind the wheel, in your dream car. 

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Approved Frankston Mortgage Brokerage Service

Let us do all the hard work for you. Helping you achieve your long-term financial goals is part of our delivery of an end-to-end solution, to finding the right loan product that will suit your needs. To make our clients satisfied with their experience and make sure that every condition has been met to the highest standard is our highest priority. Helping our clients and educating them is what we do best, by committing ourselves to staying by your side, even past the finish line. Years of experience allows us to conceptualise financial strategies that are tailored to suit your need. We will work together to plan and procure the perfect loan strategy that is well suited to you.

The approval of your loan is only the beginning, we will continue to be in contact with you, to review your application regularly, and reconnect with you and strategise if there is a need to.

The amount of time you save by working with us, is very invaluable. There is no need for you to fill out the paper work, no need to stress over not having access with the best deals that is currently offered in the market, we will do it all for you. We will be your representatives, and make sure to get everything done while you enjoy your time doing other things that might also need your attention.

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We want to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied. Nothing less.

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Trust us when we say that we sympathise with you. We know how stressful it is to deal with your finances and making the right decision based on your current financial status. Knowing that it is something we can help you with, is what pushes us to continue our passion in what we do. Being your mortgage broker, our goal is to help you through the process, minus the stress that comes along with it. We will be with you every step of the way, to ensure that what you are receiving is nothing but the best financial services that are valuable and are readily available at your disposal.

Our goal is for our clients to experience nothing but exceptional customer service, to deliver nothing but high-quality work, and to impart our clients with new knowledge. We will keep you updated with every new development and to make sure that we have earned your trust.

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