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Many Australians want to build their own dream homes. However, most will find the planning process as well as the management of the expenses, the less exciting part. But you always have the option to choose from the different construction loans that are available at your fingertips. It is never easy to secure a construction loan, and it may come with a few risks, but these can be prevented by carefully budgeting and keeping tabs on the progress and schedule of the construction. You must make sure that your cashflow is well managed.

It’s difficult to know the entire amount that is needed for a construction build. The materials and other construction costs will not be fully utilised at the start of the project. This is the reason why most often, a construction loan facility is set into different stages and you will only pay for the interest of the amount that you are able to draw down from your chosen loan facility.

There is a difference between construction loans and home loans and knowing the difference between both, is a significant matter that will require guidance from people who have a deeper understanding of how the entire process works. Mortgage Brokers Frankston have a team assigned to assist you, when looking into construction loans. We’re equipped with the experience to help you find which loan package is the right one for you.

There is no need for you to worry about any shock increases in the interest rate of your loan, during your construction project. We will make sure that you will have a loan facility which will provide you with an adequate draw down amount for each stage of the construction. You can just rest and relax, knowing that you have a partner that will do everything for you. As soon as you are ready, we will begin setting up the process for the approval of your construction loan. We will provide you with the best rates that are available in the market, and continue to guide you and communicate with you in each and every step of the process

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